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Difference between PGWP and Co-Op

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Do you want to study and work in Canada?

Below you will find quick information of 2 options that you have to work when you have your student visa for Canada. It is VERY important to be clear about your long-term objectives, in CLASS Education we help you clearly define your project, it will depend on this that your investment is smart and successful to achieve your goals. Consider questions such as: Is my interest to migrate? Do I just want to have an experience for "x" time? since the choice of the program, duration and cost will depend on this.

  Vocational programs
with work practices.
(WEP – Work & Study Program).
Programs with PGWP
(Post Graduate Work Permit).
Descripción Study + paid professional practice (may vary). These programs allow you to process a student permit that includes a work permit during your studies and the possibility of applying for a work permit at the end of the program with a duration between 8 months and 3 years.
Where do you study and what accreditation do you get? They are programs like; diplomas and certificates offered in the private institutions. Public schools: Programas con una duración mínima de  8 meses, de tiempo completo.Private universities: Degree (Ej: Bachelor Degree, Associate Degree o Master Degree).
English level From IELTS 4.5 Regularly from 6.0 IELTS
Starting dates Every month or every 2 months. September, January or May, depends on the institution and the program.
Working hours 40 hours per week of which 20 correspond to compulsory internships based on your study program and 20 hours to your work permit granted by the student visa (part-time while you study and full-time on vacation). - During your study period: 20 hrs - while you study and 40 hrs. After completing your academic program: - Programs lasting more than 8 months but less than 2 years, your PGWP may be valid for up to the same duration as your study program - Programs lasting 2 years or more , you are eligible for a PGWP for up to 3 years. * The PGWP is granted only once in a lifetime.
Benefits for the accompanying family No benefit is awarded. Full-time work visa for the spouse and access to public education for school-age minors.
Dates to start procedures With less months in advance. With several months in advance.
Application to Canadian residence DOES NOT APPLY After completing these types of courses, the student must return to their country, unless they find another way to continue in Canada (how to enroll in another academic program or get a job offer in a sponsoring company). Students may apply to a certain immigration category that they can review with a certified immigration consultant. YES APPLY
Approximate program price 8,000 CAD per year 16,000 CAD per year

Choose the best option for your project. Get advice with CLASS Education. | Request a quote

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