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¿Por qué estudiar en Hermes Colleges Network?
  • Institución pública – privada ubicada en Montreal, Quebec, Canadá.
  • Innovadora asociación entre la educación pública y privada, programas PPP (Private Public Partnership).
  • 7 Campus: 4 en Montreal, 2 en Quebec y 1 en Toronto.
  • Programas: Certificados y Diplomas.
  • Áreas de estudio:  +50 programas en áreas como  Trade Skills,  Information Technology,  Business & Finance,  Healthcare.
  • Clases medianas (35 – 45  estudiantes aprox).
  • 5 mil estudiantes de los 5 continentes.
  • Todos los programas cuentan con Internship (Prácticas Profesionales).
  • 90% de sus egresados consiguen trabajo 6 meses después de graduarse.
  • Convenio de empleabilidad con empresas como: Ford, Toyota, Amazon, Google, Apple y muchas más.
  • Costo de vida accesible, 20 ó 25% más económico que Toronto o Vancouver.
  • Acceso al programas “francización part – time” por menos de 6 meses gratuitamente en los centros de autorizados por el Gobierno de Québec.
  • Programas elegibles para PGWP (Permiso de Trabajo) hasta por 3 años.


Do you want to study, work and emigrate to Canada?

The easiest way to apply for Canadian residency is through education.
With the Higher Education programs you will obtain a work permit PGWP (Post Graduate Work Permit) and later the application to permanent residence.

Right to work 1/2 time while you study and full time, on vacation you can work (40 hours a week).

Do you want to take your family while you study?

  • Full-time work permit for your partner or spouse.
  • Free public education for your children between 5 and 18 years old
  • Your partner's work permit remains valid for those same 3 years of your PGWP
  • Your children will be able to attend school for free during your PGWP period


Hermes Colleges Network (HCN Inc.) se encuentra entre la red más grande y de más rápido crecimiento de instituciones de educación superior comprometidas con la excelencia académica. El enfoque de las instituciones de HCN es ofrecer a los estudiantes capacitación orientada al trabajo que los posicione para una carrera exitosa.

Fundada por un liderazgo visionario, HCN Inc. opera instituciones de nivel postsecundario y vocacional que ofrecen una variedad de programas en Negocios, Tecnología y Ciencias Sociales en francés e inglés.


  • Curso


  • Gastos no descritos.
  • Alojamiento y comidas.
  • Traducción de Documentos.
  • Permiso de Estudios.
  • eTA.
  • Gastos Administrativos.
  • App fee.




• Eligible for work permit, work off campus
• Work 20 hrs/wk while studying and 40 hrs/wk while on scheduled vacations and breaks
• Children of post secondary students can access FREE education OR receive up to 75% tax back
• EARN AND SAVE MONEY UP TO $70,000 CAD in 2 yrs so that then you can easily access a
Public Institution with eligibility to PGWP.


STUDY FRENCH FOR FREE! The Quebec government offers French lessons for post secondary students, their spouses and children covering up to $850cad/monthly

Build a solid English foundation all while gaining the knowledge and skills needed for a career in Global Supply Chain Management, including understanding how organizations work and how to assess and solve Global Supply Chain Management related issues.
The Global Supply Chain Management (ACS) program is designed for students interested in pursuing an exciting career in Supply Chain Management. We created this program in response to the growing demand for Supply Chain and Logistics professionals by the business community in and around Montreal and globally. Our students become specialists in the global fields of product procurement, production, transportation, warehousing, and distribution. Businesses in Transportation, Logistics, and Supply Chain commonly use Information Technology as an enabler to run their operations smoothly. For that, we have integrated an IT component into the program to ensure that our graduates have well-rounded skills to help contribute efficiently to a dynamic work environment. Take advantage of Montreal’s position as an international transportation and logistics hub and pursue a profitable career in Supply Chain Management.


What you can accomplish at the end of this program:
• Demonstrate effective English communication skills in oral, written, and graphic formats that fulfill the purposes of Global Supply Chain Management
• Apply a systematic and research-based approach to critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.
• Demonstrate strategies for ongoing personal and professional development to enhance work performance for supply chain management.
• Assess and use current concepts, systems, and technologies to support supply chain functions and initiatives.
• Perform administrative and project-based tasks required in the workplace.
• Demonstrate leadership and management skills to assist in the planning, directing, and operating of an organization.
• Apply principles of sustainability, social responsibility, and ethics to support an organization’s initiatives.
• Gain access to a Public Institution upon successful completion of the program

Duration: 2 yrs / 4 sms
Language Instruction: English
Language Requisite: IELTS 5.0 OR equivalent Duolingo; TOEFL;
All ESL Pathway institutions recognized by Languages Canada)
Academic Requsites: Highschool
Flexible Schedule: study 2 days/per week
FREE MEDICAL INSURANCE (valued at $1400 cad)


PRICE Includes Medical Insurance
Total Tuition Fee $30,150 CAD
Scholarship $18,000 CAD
Total Fees after SCHOLARSHIP $12,150 CAD

Scholarship available for May 2023,  September 2023 and January 2024 Intakes

• Pay $250 for a 2yr LOA (non refundeable)
• Once CAQ and Study Permit is issued pay a partial payment of $3k, remaining balance to be paid in$1k monthly installments

Would you like to know your level of English?

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In CLASS Education We strive to help you fulfill your dream of studying abroad. Therefore, we offer you different flexible payment opportunities through our financial partners, specialists in educational credit, to complete any of our study programs. Whether you want to study English for a few weeks or study a full degree, with them, you can decide the amount of your financing line, both for the total cost of the course or simply for the amount you need.



You only require that a family member be between the ages of 21 and 70 with verifiable income and good credit.



Equal or staggered plans from 6 to 60 months.


Do you need help with your financing plan with CLASS Education?

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