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  • Service activities at the College take many forms and are based on creating equitable partnerships that strive to uphold the dignity of all.
  • Service is a real personality trait that we strive to ingrain, so that children can become better humans, here on the sports field or with their friends, and eventually as active and engaged members of larger communities, as adults in their lives.
  • We are stewards of the earth's resources for the benefit of all, and it is our collective responsibility to care for these resources now and for future generations.
  • At Upper School, students undertake independent study as part of the Diploma Program requirements, which address various aspects of sustainability on the UCC campus, for example recycling efficiency, food waste, idling in parking. and the carbon footprint of our sports teams. Additionally, as part of their environmental geography studies, they have the opportunity to do aquatic environmental fieldwork at the Norval Outdoor School and the surrounding region.
  • At High School, 4- to 7-year-olds help harvest Garden of Learning products and sell them on Partnership Day. During Earth Week each April, activities include plant and compost sales and an organized eco-transportation challenge through their colorful houses.


Upon arrival, preparatory school seems like a great place for young children, but they learn to feel at home very quickly. With about 400 students in kindergarten through seventh grade, we like to say that UCC offers "great school opportunities with a small school environment." Our educators are passionately committed to providing a warm and welcoming environment for children to develop the emotional, social, and intellectual skills they need to find their unique path and make a lasting, positive impact on their world.

Teaching in leading schools around the world has instilled in me a deep appreciation for the importance of learning in a culture that celebrates differences and gives voice to multiple perspectives. With unparalleled opportunities in each discipline, each child finds her balance and unlocks her potential, whatever her unique path.

Academically, the Primary Years Program (PYP), from kindergarten through grade five, is the first step on the IB journey. UCC is currently a candidate school for the Middle Years Program (MYP), which begins in year 6; Our goal is to be authorized as an IB World School for 2019-20. The PYP would therefore provide students with curricular links to this next stage of their IB education.

While graduation day may seem like a long road for our kids in Preparation, it is worth noting that the effort of the IB Diploma Program is well worth the enhanced recognition our college graduates receive.

I encourage you to explore the sections here, which link to information about our full academic, artistic and athletic program, and world-class facilities. Then come see what makes the UCC student experience so exceptional.


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