• Escuela preparatoria privada mixta.
  • Grados 9 a 12.
  • Programa Todo Incluido: Matrícula, alojamiento y pensión completa.
  • Entorno de inglés totalmente inmersivo.
  • Atletismo y actividades extracurriculares: Bádminton, Baloncesto, Jazz Band, Coro de Jazz, Equipo de Liderazgo, Fútbol, Teatro, Atletismo, Camping, Frisbee, Voleibol, Vela, Ciclismo, Senderismo, Hockey, Patinaje sobre hielo, Snowboard y más!
  • Diploma altamente reconocido en el mundo para postularse en Universidades de Rank Mundial.
  • Inicios en Agosto y Enero.
  • Ubicaciones en: Toronto in Canada, Villanova College y en Vancouver, Regent Christian Academy.


Internado único que ofrece una experiencia educativa personalizada para estudiantes que desean mejorar sus habilidades en el idioma inglés y prepararse académica, cultural y lingüísticamente para la universidad o college.


  • Curso
  • Cuota de registro


  • Gastos no descritos.
  • Traducción de Documentos.
  • Permiso de Estudios.
  • eTA.
  • Gastos Administrativos.


 School  Amerigo  Fall  Fall  Normal Year Prices
 Grades Offered Tuition & Boarding Student Fees Total Tuition & Fees
Fort Erie Academy Fort Erie, Ontario – Canada 9,10, 11 CAD $49,800 CAD $5,050 CAD $54,850
Regent Christian Academy Surrey, Vancouver – Canada 9,10,11 CAD $44,400 CAD $3,500 CAD $47,900
Villanova College Ontario – Canada 9,10,11 CAD $51,650 CAD $5,000 CAD $56,650

Tuition, Accommodation and Full Board Includes: Private High School enrollment and tuition , English language reinforcement, Amerigo Host family program in a double room with security and support from a family provided and checked by Amerigo, Support in university guidance, Meals, Academic trips.


Student fee includes: Health insurance, Thanksgiving Break and Spring Break activities (if possible), Specific technological solutions when required by the school, School uniform, books, Airport transportation in Canada, Activities organized by Amerigo.


Important: The Academic year and program traditionally starts in August / September. Amerigo schools have a limited number of places and different restrictions, capacity and academic requirements, so the place is only confirmed after the completion of the application process, payment of deposit and letter of approval from Amerigo. Beca (discount) and Rates subject to change without notice.

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