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Study and Work Programs

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The job offer today is very competitive and demanding. They are looking for people with extraordinary studies, with work experience and recent graduates.

We adapt to these times, do it too!

the study and work programs that offers CLASS Education are the perfect program for those who want to increase their chances of hiring and professional growth. Since they are programs with studies in specific areas that, in addition to granting the opportunity to work to practice the language, also to do professional internships (they are paid with financial aid) and get involved in the world of work.

You can apply to these programs with an intermediate level of English.

From the beginning of the programs you will be able to work in service areas up to 20 hours per week and as soon as your working weeks have started you will be able to do a new job focused on the area of study you entered, with the possibility of being hired Stay to live in Canada!

There are several options for you to study and work abroad. Each country has different requirements and modalities. Find with us the one that best suits your needs.

Find out your level of English here.

Consult with a CLASS specialist the most suitable program for you.

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