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10 reasons to study a second or third language

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During 2020, the number of people who began to study online increased by 50%.

English is the most used language in the professional and business world.

Today speaking two, three or more languages gives you the opportunity to be an individual with more skills and tools for the globalized and competitive world in which we live.

It is never too late to learn or return to a new language, no matter if it is English, French, Italian, Chinese or German… the options are many.

During 2020, language schools abroad increased their programs in online mode by 50%, the most important motivation of students was due to work issues and above all due to the fact that studying at home means savings in accommodation and transfer costs than when It is studied in person abroad.

English is the most widely used language in the professional and business world, Spanish and Mandarin are the most widely spoken languages in the world.

Here are the 10 reasons to study another language:

1.- It will improve your memory and retention capacity.

2.- Facilitates communication with people from other countries and therefore make new friends or networking

3.- Bilingual people are more motivated to achieve new goals

4.- It allows you to study, work and / or live abroad.

5.- When you travel abroad it allows you to interact with natives and learn more about their culture.

6. To stand out in the labor market, the new generations of professionals speak two or more languages.

7.- You can apply for job vacancies in other countries.

8.- Job promotions are granted to the most qualified people, that includes mastering an additional language.

9.- A polyglot person can aspire a salary 20% higher than the rest.

10.- Increase confidence and make better decisions

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