10 reasons to study abroad.

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Studying abroad allows you to increase your skills both in another language and in adaptation to the world that every day demands skills in the workplace, in addition to giving you the perspective of what it is like to live in another country and have the experience of being an international student and become a citizen of the world.

1.- Learn, Increase or Perfect a Language.

When you go to study abroad, it is not only learning in the classrooms, it is thinking and living in another language, since your day to day since you prepare breakfast, take the transport, understand the directions in the streets, talk and interact with other people are the native language of the country you are in, which reinforces what you have learned in class and at the same time helps you practice in real life.

2.- Being Part of a Cosmopolitan Culture.

In the vast majority of first world countries, culture is cosmopolitan, which means that the countries are made up of people who have come from other places to settle there and contribute part of their culture as local residents, which allows you to know how It is Vietnamese food, the Muslim religion, the daily customs of Canadians, English punctuality and when studying abroad it allows you to learn to contribute and share your customs and culture as a Mexican to the world, which makes us more flexible and tolerant individuals.

3.- Have a Life Experience

By studying abroad you not only make an investment to improve academically and achieve your school and / or work goals, studying abroad also allows you to have a better conception of yourself as an individual and increase personal skills by seeing yourself immersed in an environment other than What do you know because, since it is not a trip only for pleasure, you have more time to visualize your life in a different place, make friends, seek work experiences, learn about new political and economic systems ... in the end the best investment you will make in life is you can achieve in it.

4. Acquire New Learning Methods

Studying abroad will allow you to experience new forms of teaching, starting with the fact that evaluation systems change in each country, and the criteria to be evaluated are very different from those taken in Mexico.

Canada, for example, is one of the countries that invests the most in public education, has the second highest place in the world and one of its new humanistic, global and inclusive initiatives are topics such as anti-racism programs, handicraft workshops and visits to the elderly.

5.- Resource Management

While studying abroad gives you the opportunity to see places in a different way, living away from home also allows you to develop other personal skills such as managing resources such as money, time and responsibility.

When we live in our country and with our family we take for granted many of the comforts in our daily life, but living with a monthly budget will teach you what things you want and can spend, in the matter of time you will have to manage it between study and study. walk time to be able to tie both activities without affecting the main objective that is to learn and being away from the family that day by day reminds you what you must / have / want to do, it will be your maturity and responsibility who will help you define what you owe meet first.

6.- Expand your Network

By studying abroad you will have the opportunity to meet people from other countries who come with the same interest as you… Learn! And with learning we mean not only a language, secondary or high school, university studies, masters, diplomas, etc. If not also learning about the world and its diversity, which could lead to a future business partner in your country or in that of them, commercial alliances, create start ups or endless probabilities under the premise that two heads always think better than one

7.- Increase job opportunities Growing Your CV

As we saw in the previous point, studying abroad not only widens your network of acquaintances, if not, it expands your possibilities of a better job that in turn translates into a better salary either in Mexico or abroad because the Speaking two or more languages fluently makes you more competitive for the job market, having work experience in other countries makes you more attractive as your adaptation and learning skills increase.

8.- Possibilities to Migrate

When you go to study abroad there are countries that allow you to migrate permanently because by being trained in their universities or colleges you have the job skills that the country requires at that time so you become a valuable candidate for companies and their opportunities .

9.- Age as a study factor

A diferencia de lo que muchos creen, estudiar en el extranjero no es limitativo para ciertos grupos de edad, por el contrario, estudiar el extranjero está abierto a personas de para quien tenga ganas, inquietud y espíritu aventurero, las escuelas de idioma tienen programas para 30+ que además de darte conocimiento de idioma te rodeas con gente de tu edad con las mismas inquietudes.

10.- Experiment. Re invent yourself every day

And for me, the most important thing about studying abroad is that every day it allows you to Re-invent and be a better version of yourself, to learn new things, to practice new things, to discover yourself as a new person, with new concerns and with new and better things to contribute to this globalized world.

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