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Tamwood – Montreal


  • Since 1993 Tamwood International Camps has provided lots of fun and learning for young people around the world.
  • Your child will gain confidence, character, a sense of adventure, and curiosity.
  • Our talented, caring and prepared Staff will teach, inspire and guide children to explore, learn and achieve.
  • We provide each child and adolescent with an incredible and safe international educational experience.


Montreal is the largest bilingual city in North America, offering a wide variety of attractions, events and festivals, providing an ideal setting for an international summer program. The Tamwood camp takes place at Concordia University, the campus covers 4 square kilometers from the city center, it is located 40 minutes from the airport, very close to the St. Lawrence River, Old Montreal, museums and other places of interest. world tourist. It offers students a safe and attractive environment with the opportunity to practice the language and socialize with young people their own age from all over the world.


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Global Learner (20 L / W) + Activities

General English

Global French Learner (20 L / W) + Activities

General French

General English (20 L / W) + Activities

General English

Global Learner (20 L / W) + Residence single room (3 meals a day) + Activities

General English

Global French Learner (20 L / W) + Residence single room (3 meals a day) + Activities

General French

General English (20 L / W) + Residence single room (3 meals a day) + Activities

General English

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